Street Fighter II Pinball Machine Review

One of the most underrated pinball games of all time has to be Street Fighter II. It was one the first pinball games that really got me into playing pinball in the first place. When I went to an arcade I just stuck with the games and never bothered with the pinball machines. Pinball machines

I was a huge fan of the Street Fighter II video game, just like everyone in my generation. But once I found the pinball version, I was hooked. My only real knock on the game is that I wish the order of the fighters had followed closer to the video game, but it’s not a big deal.

The greatest part of this game is that it was like you were playing through levels. Every time I would pass a level, it would open up another fighter to I had to defeat. It was the same concept as the arcade game.

Defeating each fighter required some special mission to complete, whether it was knocking down targets, getting up a ramp or just getting a certain number of points.

There were a ton of ramps in the game, well-paced levels, and it was just great fun. If you managed to defeat all of the fighters in the game, then you beat the game. I put a ton of quarters into this machine and the first time I finally beat the game, it was well worth it.



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