How To Safely Transport Home Appliances

Use The Correct Moving Tools:

Appliances can be heavy, especially if your moving a fridge freezer or range cooker, so it’s vital to make sure you use anything available to make the job easier. A transport dolly/cart is a piece of equipment that can be purchased fairly cheap and would not only make moving the appliances far easier, but also reduce the strain on your body.

Always Lift Correctly

You might not always have access to transportation aids when moving an appliance, so if you need to move it manually it’s always best to follow the correct lifting procedures. Lifting correctly will reduce the strain on your body and reduce the potential for an injury to take place. A few key points to remember are:


    • Lift with your knees – You’ve probably heard this advice a thousand times before, but that’s because it’s solid advice. If you bend over to lift the appliance you can put a strain on your back causing you permanent injury.


    • Plan your route – Generally when moving an appliance you will have limited view of where you are going or even be moving backwards. Therefore it’s always best to plan your route in advance to make sure there’s no objects blocking your way you may trip up on and also so you can make sure the appliance will fit through any corridors, doorways or stairwells which you need to navigate through. home appliances hsr layout


    • Communicate – Chances are you won’t be moving the appliances by yourself due to their size and weight so communication is key. It’s easy for one person to lift too fast or move faster than their partner is comfortable with which can lead to damaging the appliance or more importantly, yourself.


  • Don’t be a hero – If your losing grip or the appliance is proving to be too heavy to move in one go, don’t hesitate to put it down to take a rest and gather yourself. Moving it safely is more important than moving it fast.


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