Golden Retriever Puppy Adoption

Golden retrievers are great family dogs, and have so many other talents as well. Did you know you can get one without spending a fortune through golden retriever adoption? Even puppies can be adopted while making a contribution to the pet population.

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. That is why so many end up abandoned and in shelters. Not only do older dogs end up available for adoption, but many puppies end up in shelters as well. You can also save money by adopting a golden puppy. Adoption fees are generally $350 and less. Buying a golden puppy from a breeder could run in the thousands of dollars. Adopting can have other advantages. Most shelters evaluate the good health of their dogs before they put them up for adoption. They also socialize their dogs in most cases. In addition, you can help reduce the pet population and help out the people who work hard in rescue organizations and shelters.

Adopting a golden retriever puppy is not so difficult. There are many options that are available. You can always check what dogs are available at local shelters, rescue organizations, and animal control organizations. There are SPCA’s in almost every major city. Conduct a wide search on the internet at sites like Also widespread, are golden retriever rescue organizations. There are many breed rescue groups that specialize in saving goldens. In addition, there are even puppy rescue organizations that focus on saving golden puppies that have been abandoned or are in distress. golden retriever puppies colorado

What should you know before you adopt a golden retriever puppy? Golden puppies grow fast into large dogs. This breed is famously active and requires a lot of exercise. Make sure that you have a lot of space before you adopt. Goldens thrive on human companionship. Make sure that you are ready to commit a lot of time with your dog. This breed is very friendly and does well with kids, other dogs, and pets. Goldens do require regular grooming and may not be good if you have allergies. Most goldens are healthy, but some suffer from genetically related illnesses like hip and knee dysplasia, eye problems like cataracts, heart issues and cancer. First ask the shelter about these health issues, then make sure and talk about them with your vet.

Golden puppies like to chew, so have some chew toys handy ahead of time. Also make your home safe for your puppy’s arrival by removing low lying sharp objects, dangers, and toxins. Establish some ground rules ahead of time. Being consistent will help your dog learn faster. Being friendly, smart, and trainable, this breed responds better to positive reinforcement, rather than harsh training methods.

Who would not love to have an adorable new puppy? Is it possible to get a lovable golden retriever puppy without paying a fortune? Try adoption instead of buying from a pet store or a breeder. By adopting, you can also be responsible and help control the pet population. Your puppy will thank you, and so will the dog you helped make room for at the shelter!


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