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A favourite game played by the Indian mass, Satta Matka aka Matka King also known as Satta King Finds its origins in the 1950s, when it was still popular.There was a time when Indian Satta was a form of lottery in which punters bet on the beginning and ending numbers for cotton prices.

The gambling game dates prior to the independence from India and was then referred to by the name of Ankada Jugar (‘figures gambling’). In 1961, however, the New York Cotton Exchange put the game on hold and players had to seek alternative options. The person who came up with the idea is Rattan Khatri, one of the very first Matka Kings who introduced the concept of betting on the closing and opening rates of fictional products. Since nobody can be able to stop an idea that was not real, could they? The game was not so much about cotton prices, but rather the excitement of making bets with random numbers.

In the new version, there were no official numbers that could be transferred through transmitters the random numbers were written on sheets of paper. These were then placed in the vessel (called matka) and was then drawn by one person who listen to the winner numbers to the crowd.

In the end, the game changed with the addition of numbers pulled from an ice-filled pot, numbers were drawn from the deck of cards. The only thing that remained was the name matka.

As time passed, the game grew and became popular in the 1980s and 90s. Nowadays, advancements in technology and the accessibility to internet access has led to an internet-based Satta community. Numerous gaming websites offer exciting and innovative gameplay that captures the essence and excitement of the thrilling Satta game. Are you interested in trying your luck with Satta Matka and win big?

Useful Indian satta matka Tips


This is the time to be able to make a authentic. You’ll be looking on the Internet everywhere to find reliable advice and tips to win in Indian satta matka or any of its variations. Many promises and guarantees will be given to you.


  • The proportion of loss to win is 10% winning and 90% loss. So, your odds of winning is 10 percent, which is not very much.


  • Be aware that this is a game that is pure luck. These things can’t really be predicted, regardless of the table you decide to study and apply or what strategy you choose to use.


  • Play with a sense of enthusiasm. Limit your bets to a small amount to ensure you stay within your budget. Choose the numbers you enjoy and don’t bet on your losses.


  • If you’re a winner, congratulations! Enjoy it. Don’t be relying on a lucky streak. Losing streaks are more likely. Enjoy your winnings, pamper yourself, and return another time to play.


  • Do learn all the rules for the game you’re playing. Learning about a game can improve your chances of winning even if you play just a little. However, betting on random isn’t likely to benefit you in any way. It is best to be with a plan.
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