Customize Your Image with a Custom Suit

Think of the best-dressed gentleman you know. What makes you think of that person? I’ll bet it’s difficult to pinpoint the reason why, other than you notice he’s always looking clean and professional. Well, there are many reasons why that person projects the image that commands respect. The biggest one, though, is probably the fit and fabric of his suit, and the coordination of his outfits.

Are you projecting that image of success that you desire? As your career progresses, you want your image to progress as well. Now, I’m not talking about spending an outlandish amount of money here, although you could. I’m talking about projecting a clean, professional image. One that is a step above your peers, and most importantly, your competition.

Consider a custom suit, and why it may provide those elements of professionalism you may be looking for. An image that made you think of your best-dressed friend.

Typically, when you enter a retail store, you are only provided a small number of choices in suits in your size. This is fine if you only want the basics, and are an easy fit without too many alterations. But for most of you, your desire to stand out leaves you wanting more.

Just for a moment, I’m going to ignore the fact that you have literally hundreds of fabric options when it comes to purchasing a custom suit. And also, for this article, I’m going to bypass the discussion of suit coats. So, let’s discuss just a few of the options on only the trousers of your custom suit. This will show you just how many options the custom suit truly provides. custom suits nj

First the waistband. This may seem to be an obvious choice, but the waistband can be fitted to the quarter inch, can be fitted with griplets which help prevent your shirt from pulling out, or an expandable waistband for more comfort and clean fit.

Now, the pleats. Do you desire flat-front pants, deeper pleats, double-reverse pleats or triple pleats? Just these few options in pleats can help solve many fitting problems. For example, a trim, athletic build looks great in a flat front. A fuller build should wear pleats.

Next, the pockets. Choose from the on-seam pockets, besom or cord pockets, or quarter-top (angled) pockets. You can even choose to get your pockets with or without the small inner ‘change’ pockets. And the pocket choices should be properly coordinated with your pleat choices.

The width of the knees and thighs in your trouser is always a key element. Depending on your physique, you may require a trimmer or wider knee and thigh to compliment your body. If you like a looser fit, this is a very important item. Each measurement can be specified to your preference.

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